Mixing is an art form and a great mix can bring out the creative elements and take it to a higher level. Unfortunately a poor mix can ruin even the greatest of songs. The mixing engineer is similar to a band member, creatively bringing all the tracks to life. Yes, there is a generous share of technical skill implemented by the engineer to make it sound radio-ready. But more important, the mix needs to depict the artist's story and vision.

Mixing includes: Editing, Compression, Equalization, Tonal Balance Between Tracks, Critical Listening, Vocal Tuning, Comping, Panning, Summing, Effects/Reverbs/Delays, Noise Reduction.
When it comes to properly mixing a song, our professional engineers provide masterful attention to editing, time-correction, vocal tuning, drum replacement, compression, EQ, limiting, reverb, delays, and other special effects.

Once mixed, we will send you an MP3 version of your song that you can listen to and inform us of any changes you might need. We provide two rounds of revisions per song. When you have approved the final mix, we will then provide you with the AIFF or WAV stereo mix and any stem mixes you request (mixed stems are provided at an additional cost) such as; vocal only, instrumental only, etc.

The Basic Workflow:
1. 1. Evaluation - listening over the track a few times making quicks notes on what needs to be accomplished, along with the overall vibe of the track.
2. 2. Organization - Color coding, labeling, makers, and organizing the session based on instrumentation, arrangement.
3. 3. Basic Mix - Basic balance of volume between tracks, subgrouping, sends, vocal comping based on what I think needs to stand out.
4. 4. Editing - Apply vocal tuning if needed, fix any pops, cut out noise and bleed, create proper fades.
5. 5. Processing - Apply filters, equilization, and compression to the things that NEED tonal balance.
6. 6. Effects - Apply reverbs and delays.
7. 7. Final Touches - Create stems, sum down similar tracks, and printing the final track through our Class A converters.
8. 8. Delivery - Mixes will be delivered via Dropbox for the client to listen – 2 complete revisions allowed per track.