Music Production at Roxie Studios:

At Roxie Studios, our music producers are a critical part of the creative process. They can assist you in the selection and arrangement of your songs, hire professional musicians, coach you through your performance, and supervise the entire process through mixing and mastering.

The scope of the music producer's responsibility may be one or two songs or your entire album - in which case our producers will typically walk you through the production process step by step, helping you develop an overall vision for your album and how the various songs may interrelate. You can be assured that our creative contribution to your music will be handled with the utmost professionalism and you'll be surrounded by the industry's best.

Roxie Studios' acoustics offer a warm and clear sound, perfect for numerous types of recording, from solo piano to a five person band to film scores.
We have a vocal booth, and one live room with many guitars, drums, keys, and other instruments, as well as a large selection of mics, preamps, amps and compressors to meet all your recording needs. For more information about our gear and music production, read about our recording process.

Our creative music production team of in-house and outsourced talent has worked with artists, producers and songwriters from Bollywood, Sony BMG, B4U, and more.
We have the versatility and experience needed to provide you with the right sound to compliment your particular style.