Our engineers are seasoned professionals proficient in the craft of sound recording. They will help you achieve the highest level of performance, even if you're new to the studio.

At Roxie Studios, we can help you coordinate the details such as referrals for mastering, duplication, and printing, provide you with a video crew for your recording session or a graphic designer for your website and merchandise.

Let Roxie Studios be your den of creativity where you can track comfortably in our beautiful facility.

Whether you need help building your songs from the ground up or putting the finishing touches on your work, our experienced songwriters and songwriting coaches can help you take your songs to the next level.

At Roxie Studios, we truly care about our clients, their needs, and their success in the music business. Our primary goal of making each project extraordinary, is why Roxie Studios is known as the "The Best Recording Studio in Orange County."

Our Recording Quality

Voiceover, Podcasts & Audiobooks

Our audio professionals provide independent authors, speakers, and companies professional recording services; enabling them to turn their written content into a high resolution audio format, such as CD or digital download, like Mp3.

We also provide on-location recording for clients who require services brought to them.

No matter if we are cleaning up audio, recording your live seminar or publishing your audiobook, our single aim is to create exceptional experiences for artists, bands, producers, ad agencies, post production companies, corporate clients and the like.

Roxie Studios will not only ensure your project is delivered professionally and expediently, but we hope you'll also enjoy the additional layers of detail and time-tested quality we'll introduce as we explore your creative work with you.
Voice Recording Process

1. You may choose to record your voice in our professional recording studio or we can come to your location provided that you have adequate space for recording with suitable acoustics (most offices will work).

2. After your recording is complete, we will edit out any unwanted audio, making the audio as clean and professional as possible. During the editing process we can also add any pre-recorded or custom music tag in the front or back of the podcast. Custom music creation is available at an additional fee. The amount of time for editing can vary depending on the amount of unwanted audio, such as miss-spoken words, coughs, and breaths in need of removal.

3. The work is then mastered and brought to CD-standard.

4. Once processed they are then created into mp3 format to be published through iTunes, e-mail or your website.